EOI Details

KZN Technology Hubs EOI Details

GWI Project Managers are in the process of developing Innovation Science and Technology Parks located in Newcastle, Pietermaritzburg, Richards Bay and Port Shepstone in order to promote the knowledge economy, socio-economic development and competitiveness through innovation and collaboration. GWI Project Managers seek Expression of Interest (EoI) from high tech entrepreneurs, private businesses, academic institutions, researchers, property developers and investors to provide concepts through innovation and partnerships that will create a platform for the commercialisation of technology and innovation based business.

Prospective tenants and/or other stakeholders/partners who can create jobs and attract investment by locating at the Techno Hubs, are invited to submit an EoI (see procedures below). The concept proposal document, not exceeding 3 pages, must clearly articulate the concept design, economic sector, target market and potential in order to grow the economy of the area. A pro-forma of the concept document will be made available at no cost.


Online Application Procedure (Preferred)

Complete the Expression of Interest Concept Note Application Form online here. (See link below)

The Concept Note Proposals Form consists of 4 sections:

Section 1: Applicant Contact Details

  • Form to be filled in with contact details

Section 2: Project Information

  • Proposals should clearly and concisely state the unique capabilities, experience and the advantages of the respondent, and demonstrate the respondent’s capability to satisfy the requirements of the Innovation and Technology Hub (Science Park).
  • We are looking for willing and wanting partners in a Techno Community whereby knowledge-based enterprises can foster socio-economic development which ultimately will lead to job creation.
  • The tenant mix we are seeking is within the technology sectors and those that will provide business support services.

Section 3: Business Plan

  • Should indicate how the Business Strategy will;
    • Foster entrepreneurship and incubate new innovative companies
    • Enhance synergy between industry, government and academic institutions
    • Set up strategic partnerships with Private Sector Business to support sustainable enterprises
    • Partnership with University research and development

Section 4: Legal Requirements

  • Applicants must state their desired length of lease period required for their Business operations
  • Applicants must define the intended form and structure of the Business entity and any proposed partnership or joint venture must be clearly explained. A chart or diagram of tenant entity showing structure (percentage) of ownership and investment must be included in their Business model


  1. Proposals showing potential to meet the requirements for inclusion in the Technology Park(s) and demonstrating sound Business and Socio-Economical cases will be short-listed for further detailed analysis, including submission of detailed Feasibility Studies and Funding proposals, as part of a Best and Final Offer (BAFO) phase. The allocation of property within the hubs(s) for development proposals meeting the requisite criteria will be based on the extent to which they meet the objectives of the Technology Park initiative.
  2. GWI Project Managers reserves the right to conduct interviews with or pose questions in writing to respondents in order to clarify the content of their proposals and to ensure a full and complete understanding of each proposal.

NB: Please also download and read the required Non-Disclosure Agreement here, which you will be required to sign and submit should your online Application be considered.

GWI Project Managers reserves the right to accept or decline any concept note application



Manual Application Procedure

Please complete the Expression of Interest Concept Note Application which may be downloaded here in PDF format. Please also download and sign the required Non-Disclosure Agreement here, which must be submitted together with the Expression of Interest Concept Note Application mentioned above.


  1.   Expression of Interest Concept Note Application 
  2.   Non-Disclosure Agreement

Completed concept proposal (s) and Confidentiality Agreements in the prescribed format must be sent via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

GWI Project Managers reserves the right to extend the deadline for submission of the concept proposal document, to negotiate or hold discussion with any respondent and to correct deficient concepts which do not completely conform to the instructions.

The terms of reference and other relevant information such as detailed spatial development plans, surveys and floor plans will be made available to candidates whose skills, experience and resources are adjudicated to be appropriate for the assignment. The allocation of space or hectares will be made available and/or issued on the principle of first come first served.

Further enquiries may be directed to Mr Basil Karstadt, available on office line +27 31 536 8290 or mobile +27 82 775 2472 or via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.